01. Where can I park my car and how much will it cost?
There is complimentary parking right behind the Hotel and there is also a large public parking lot across the street.

02. How do we get to the city center?
Kehl: We recommend - of course - the fastest and easiest way : walking (only 800m).
If you would like to go by car there are different parking possibilites in the center of Kehl. Also at the shopping Mall.

Strasbourg: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION The city center of Strasbourg can easily be reached by bus and Tram. There is a bus stop at the marketplace from where bus No 21 (every 15 minutes) will take you to the Strasbourg Aristide Briand stop. From there take the tram which brings you right to the center of Strasbourg.
The journey will take you about 30-40 minutes (one way) and costs 3,40€ (both ways per person)

TAXI The second option is to take the taxi (minicar) which will drop you off at the Strasbourg cathedral. The driver can also pick you up again if you like. Please let us know if you need any assistance in calling a taxi.
The drive takes about 10 - 15 minutes and costs 13,50€( one way, max. 4 people)

BY CAR Also a fairly easy way to get into the city. The car can be parked in the Gutenberg Parking in the heart of Strasbourg.

BY BIKE The pollution free way to get around! From our hotel you can easily get to Strasbourg by bike. Cross the Rhine river taking the new bicycle bridge will take you 20-30 minutes to Strasbourg. Time flies!

03. Is the center within walking distance?
Seriously: Only 15 minutes

04. Where do I buy the tickets for public transportation?
The tickets can be bought directly on the bus. If you take the train you will find vending machines to buy your tickets.

05. Until what time is the front desk open?

for early and late birds..

Monday 7am-11pm
Tuesday - Saturday 7am to 11pm
Sundays from 8am to 10 pm

06. Where do we have breakfast?
In our breakfast room designed by Gunther Lambert and in summer,of course, in our beautiful garden!

07.Where can we go shopping?
Difficult one! In our area you have so many different options:
Kehl , of course (everything for your daily needs )
Strasbourg (something french), Freiburg (something regional), Baden-Baden (something fancy)

08. Do you have WiFi? How does it work and how much does it cost?
YES! It is easy and complimentary!
The network is called FREUDE and you will get the code once you are checked in.

09. How do we get to the airport?
The easiest way to get to Entzheim-Strasbourg or Karlsruhe- Baden-Baden is to take a Taxi.

10. Where can we eat when the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays?
At reception we will help you with directions,according to your taste and wishes.

11.What about my laundry?
In our own laundry our lovely staff will take very good care of your items.
Everything dropped off at reception before 11am will be washed, ironed and delivered to your room by the end of the day!

12. When can we have breakfast?
Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 am
Saturdays from 7.30am
Sundays from 8am

13. Do you have a gym?
Unfortunately not...but who needs a gym when we have a restaurant?!

14. Can I deposit my luggage after I check out?
Luggage can be deposited at our reception after you have checked out. This service is complimentary.

15. I forgot my shampoo! HELP!
All our rooms are equipped with products from the “naturals” series from ADA cosmetics.
For dental and shaving emergencies, we have kits at our front desk.

16. Are pets allowed - and how much are they per day?
Pets are allowed! All you need to do is tell us in advance and we prepare the room so your pet and also the next guest have a comfortable stay in our hotel.
We charge 10€ per day per pet - no food included